Reading Takes You Everywhere Book List

For an extra ticket in your program's Grand Prize Drawing, read, watch, or listen

to a title from the list. You can count the time you spend reading or listening to

anything from this list as well. Movies all count as 30 minutes per title.







Ages Birth to 2nd Grade



                   JourneyFANTASY BEC 395

                   QuestFANTASY BEC 395

                   What to do With a BoxARTS YOL 54

                   The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris LessmoreLIBRARY JOY 89



                  Joha Makes a WishT-ASIA KIM E

                  Six Foolish FishermenT-EUROPE SAN

                  How Stories Came Into the WorldT-AFRICA TRO



Ages 3rd to 5th Grade



                  Alice's Adventure in WonderlandJ FIC CAR

                  The Phantom TollboothJ FIC JUS

                      Young FredleJ FIC VOL

                 The Wishing SpellJ FIC COL

                 Winnie the PoohJ FIC MIL



                How to Draw Epic Fantasy ArtJ 741.2 BEA

               The Kincaid's book of witches, goblins, ogres, and fantasyJ 398.2 KIN

               Animal Monsters: fantasies and facts of the animal worldJ 001.9 TAY



Ages 6th Grade to Adult



               InkheartYP FUN

              All the Crooked SaintsYP STI

              AngelfallYP EE

             Blue BloodsYP DE LA



            Chinese Fairy Tales and FantasiesJ 398.2 ROB

            The Value of FantasyJ 839.8 JOH

            The Arbuthnot Anthology of Children's Literature808.8 ARB





                   The Princess BrideFIC GOL W 619

                   Dragon's TimeFIC MCC A 478

                   A Game of ThronesFIC MAR G 381

                   NeverwhereFIC GAI N 141



               Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies398.2 GRI

               The Value of Fantasy808.3 CAR

               The Arbuthnot Anthology of Children's Literature823.0872 SCO




               The HobbitBLU 91

               Time Traveler's WifeROMANCE DVD TIM 1026

               The BFGSCI-FI DVD BFG 1268


Audio Books:


                Age of MythACD SUL M

                The Amber SpyglassYP CD 15

                FoundJ CD 135

               The Odious OgreE CD 69






Ages Birth to 2nd Grade



                That Book WomanUSA HEN 526

                How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the USAUSA PRI M

                The Pilot and the Little PrincePEOPLE SIS 622



                Rebekkah's JourneyPEOPLE BUR 954

                I am Rosa ParksPEOPLE FIC PAR

               My Country, 'Tis of TheeSING-A-LONG MUR 978



Ages 3rd to 5th Grade



                Horrors of History: Massacre of the MinersJ FIC AND

                A Binding SpellJ FIC LEV 

                Ghost Ship: A Cape Cod StoryJ FIC CLA



              The History PuzzleJ 901 BEL

              We are the Ship: The Story of Negro League BaseballJ 796.357 NEL

              World War II DaysJ 940.53 KIN

              The End of ChivalryJ 942.0 END



Ages 6th Grade to Adult



              The CageYP SEN

             All the Way HomeYP GIF

             Dixie StormsYP HAL

             Code Name VerityYP WEI



             Victorian DaysJ 306 KIN

            Alexander the GreatJ 921 ALE

            Robots Through HistoryJ 629.8 FRE

            The Aftermath: Living with the Holocaust940.53 HAS





           ConquistadorFIC STI S 861

           The Years of Rice and SaltFIC ROB K 662

           The Yiddish Policeman's UnionFIC CHA M 428

           The Pilot Against AmericaFIC ROT P 845

           The Widow of the SouthFIC HIC R 631

            FatherlandFIC HAR R 315

           The Dream LoverFIC BER E 493

           BurrFIC VID G 648

            Resurrection DayFIC DUB B 815



            The Voice of the Past: Oral History907.2 THO

            Appalachia: A History974 WIL

            Gulag: A History365 APP

            Living History973.929 CLO




            Kate and LeopoldROMANCE DVD KAT 317

            War HorseWAR DVD WAR 706

            AmeliaHISTORICAL DVD AME 338


Audio Books:


            Thirteen MoonsACD FRA C

            ZorroACD ALL I

            The Traitor's GateYP CD 61

            The Desperado Who Stoe BaseballJ CD 92

            The Quickest Kid in ClarksvilleE CD 103






Ages Brith to 2nd Grade



              Roaring RocketsSPACE FIC MIT

             The Soccer Mom from Outer SpaceSPACE FIC SAL

             What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean?SPACE FIC CHI



             Rockets and SpaceshipsSPACE FIC WAL K

             Stars and GalaxiesSPACE FIC BUC 924

             Astronaut: Living in SpaceSPACE HAY 414



Ages 3rd to 5th Grade



              Lost in SpaceJ FIC SHA

              The Cosmic Camp CaperJ FIC ELM

              Deadly PinkJ FIC VAN



             Space ExplorationJ 629.45 MEL

             Space: planets, moons, stars, and more!J 523.1 RHA

             Sally Ride: First American Woman in SpaceJ 629.45 CAM

             If You Decide to Go to the MoonJ 629.45 MCN



Ages 6th Grade to Adult



            AfterworldsYP WES

            All These Things I've DoneYP ZEV

            Among the HiddenYP HAD

            Crazy HouseYP PAT



            Asteroids: A History523.44 PEE

            Living Through the Space Race629.45 MCC

            Chemistry, Earth, and Space Sciences509.2 HAL





            The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyFIC ADA D 211

            Ready Player OneFIC CLI E 641

            Saturn's Children: A Space OperaFIC STR

            After Earth: A Perfect BeastFIC FRI



             Hubble Vision522 PET

             After Sputnik: 50 Years of the Space Age629.409 COL

             Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery629.45 KEL

             Astrophysics for People in a Hurry523.01 TYS




             Back to the FutureSCI-FI DVD BAC 799

             Edge of TomorrowSCI-FI DVD EDG 1122

             In the Shadow of the Moon629 SHA

             TerminatorSCI-FI DVD TER 760


Audio Books:


             Saturn RunACD SAN J

            You'll Like It Here (Everybody Does)YP CD 117

            StarcrossJ CD 69

            Science VerseE CD 10






Ages Birth to 2nd Grade



             Row, Row, Row Your BoatSING-A-LONG CAB 117

            Three Bears in a BoatA-BEAR SOM 693

            FlotsamA-WATER WIE D



            Baby Whale's JourneyA-WATER LON J

            Giant SquidA-WATER FLE 597

            200 Year Old Red Sea UrchinsA-WATER WOR 927



Ages 3rd to 5th Grade



              Aliens vs. Mad Scientists Under the OceanJ FIC CAT

              20,000 Leagues Under the SeaJ FIC VER

              Dark Day in the Deep SeaJ FIC OSB



              Life in an OceanJ 578.77 LIN

              The Magic School Bus on the Ocean FloorJ 521.92 COL

              Finding the TitanicJ 909 BAL



Ages 6th Grade to Adult



             Atlantia: a novelYP CON

             Artemi FowlYP COL

             GoldfishYP LUU

             Reef of DeathYP ZIN



             Exploring the Ocean Depths: the final frontierJ 551.46 JED

             Planet Ocean: voyage to the heart of the marine realm577.7 BAL

             50 Ways to Save the Ocean333.3 HEL





              AbductionFIC COO

             All By Myself, AloneFIC CLA M 594

             Atlantis Rising: the Warriors of PoseidonFIC DAY A 273

             Attack on the OceanFIC HEN 

             Beyond the Ice LimitFIC PRE D 937



             Ghosts of the Titanic910 FOL

             Ocean551.46 WAR

             Hostile Waters363.17 HUC




             Evewitness OceanDVD 551.46 EYE

             Make a Wish Little FishCHILDREN DVD MAK 246

            Jaws: Three Movie CollectionHORROR DVD JAW 1212


Audio Books:


Dead Wake: the last crossing of the LusitaniaACD 940.4 LAR

The Grim GrottoYP CD 3

Adventure According to HumphreyJ CD 139

The Uncorker of Ocean BottlesE CD 114






Ages Birth to 2nd Grade



               Chugga-Chugga Choo-ChooON THE GO LEW

                Last Stop on Market StreetF-GRAN PEN 397

               Across America, I Love YouUSA FIC LOO

              Where Have You Been?A-BIRDS FIC BRO



              Train TravelON THE GO LOC 813

              Two TravelersMORE STORIES FIC MAN

              Are We There Yet, Daddy?F-PAR FIC WAL

              Around the World: Who's Been Here?CULTURES GEO



Ages 3rd to 5th Grade



              The Land of StoriesJ FIC COL

              MatildaJ FIC DAH

              A Snicker of MagicJ FIC LLO

              Amelia Hits the RoadJ FIC MOS



             Across America: the Lewis and Clark ExpeditionJ 917.804 ISS

             Egyptian TownJ 932 STE

             An Indian WinterJ 917.804 FRE



Ages 6th Grade to Adult



              SpudYP VAN 

              Paper TownsYP GRE

              MosquitolandYP ARN

              Rules of the RoadYP BAU



             Along Virginia's Route 58917.55 TEN

             A Blessing Over Ashes956.94 FIF

             Road Trip USA917.3 JEN





            The Eye of the WorldFIC JOR R 82

            Gulliver's TravelsFIC SWI J 977

            Now is the Time to Open Your HeartFIC WAL



            World Travel: A Guide to International Ecojourneys910.2 WOL

            100 Places to go Before They Disappear910.202 TUT

            8 Men and a Duck910 THO

            Almost Midnight364.152 CUN




             About TimeCOMEDY DVD ABO 1234

             Groundhog DayCOMEDY DVD GRO 502

             Howl's Moving CastleANIMATION DVD HOW 220

             GaslandDVD 622 GAS


Audio Books:


             Ruth and the Green BookE CD 80

             Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel AdventureJ CD 20

             The Case of the Missing MarquessYP CD 33

             ForbiddenACD BRO S



Final turn in date for points is Friday, July 20th

Grand prize drawing is Saturday, July 21st

Final prize pick up date is Monday, July 23rd